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Bill Jaeger
Stained Glass

Recently Bill was asked for a single word that describes his art, process, or mindset while creating it. He responded “SUPERPOWER!”  That word resonates with me as I transform plain old glass into art making it my superpower. 


Bill learned the art of stained glass some 45 years ago. When he moved to the Big Island in 2004 with his wife Kathleen, he had the luxury to completely immerse himself in the art and stretch his creative capabilities. Since then, he has developed a style and skill evident in every piece he makes; each being an original design created out of hand cut glass then soldered together using the copper foil method.


Many of Jaeger’s pieces feature bevel objects with dynamic backgrounds.  Most pieces are either framed with unusual dichroic bevels or traditional bevels in clear, green, or blue. He also has a full range of local favorites – nightlights, sun catchers, Honus, and smaller stained-glass panels as well.


During the Studio Tour, Bill will be doing demonstrations for copper foiling and along with a glass cutting. 

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